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North Carolina Dominator Volleyball Club

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  Welcome to the NCDVC family...



Here are a few things you need to do this week:

Register Here (Print off extra copy of your card for your coach)


Print and Complete Medical Form Here



Request to be a user of this page so that you can blog and navigate this website.




Program Directors: Darlynn and Randy Oxendine















Comments (21)

Randi McMillen said

at 1:51 pm on Nov 15, 2010

To those of you who have requested access, it has been granted. Coaches...you are now able to change your page. Play around with it and if you need me to post something for you just let me know! Thanks!

Randi McMillen said

at 10:18 pm on Nov 21, 2010

Coaches: Check your roster I have posted and let me know if I need to add or take away anyone. If there is anything else I need to change, let me know. Also, coaches, check out the upcoming webinars to update coaching certificate.

Amy Strickland said

at 10:58 pm on Nov 21, 2010

Hi Randi - Chandler Strickland should be listed under Rebecca Matthews team.

Randi McMillen said

at 8:37 am on Nov 22, 2010

Thank you Amy!

Teri Spence said

at 2:21 pm on Nov 22, 2010

Randi, Can you please remove Samantha Huff from the 12's. Thanks!

Rebecca Matthews said

at 2:35 pm on Nov 22, 2010

Randi, Remove Hannah Rich from the 14's and add Logan Redd. Thanks!!

Teri Spence said

at 11:19 pm on Nov 22, 2010

Randi, can you please add the uniform size sheet to this site so people can print it out and have it ready at practice on 12.5.2010. Thanks

Marylynn Rich said

at 8:53 am on Nov 23, 2010

Rebecca, Hello, it's Marylynn Rich. I'm Hannah Rich's Mom. Is it too late for Hannah to still be a part of your team?

Randi McMillen said

at 8:57 pm on Nov 28, 2010

Teri...I have not been to my parents house to use their computer to get that sheet. But, I will try to have it on there as soon as I can. I didn't want you to think I forgot...haha!

Teri Spence said

at 2:56 pm on Nov 29, 2010

Thanks, your the best!

Randi McMillen said

at 8:58 pm on Nov 28, 2010

Rebecca and Marylynn...is Hannah still playing? And I think Logan is on 13's. Check with mom but I'm almost sure!

Jennifer Edwards said

at 3:48 pm on Nov 29, 2010

Teri could you please add Helayna to your roster...I got her registered the other day!!

Teri Spence said

at 9:11 am on Nov 30, 2010

Yes! I'll be happy to. Keep checking for the uniform size worksheet on this site. If it doesn't get uploaded, you just fill it out on Sunday. Please bring a copy her medical form and the registration with you to practice on Sunday as well as the money due for uniforms.

Teri Spence said

at 9:20 am on Nov 30, 2010

Randi, Can you please add Helayna Edwards to my roster and change my age group to 13's as well. If any 13's or 14's (that are 13) would like to switch to my 13's please let me know, I would like to add 2 more players if possible. Whitney Bryant practiced with us the last Sunday we practiced, I would love for her to join the team if she is interested. Thanks so much, you are the best!

Rebecca Matthews said

at 7:48 am on Dec 1, 2010

Marylynn, I talked with Darlynn and she told to tell you to bring Hannah to practice Sunday and we will do our best to find a spot for her. Randi--On Logan Redd she came to the last practice and signed up under me so I assumed she a part of my 13 and 14s. I don't know. Thanks alot!!

Amy Strickland said

at 1:47 pm on Dec 3, 2010

My daughter (Chandler Strickland/ Rebecca Matthews team) will be out of town this weekend and unable to attend practice. However, I am sending payment for uniforms and the $200 of the $400 fee through Chelsea Conrad (Teri Spence's team). Does this need to be in two separate checks or is all in one ok? Also, has the size/ order form for the uniforms been uploaded to this site yet? If not, I will just print out the price list and write the size needed on this sheet. Is that ok?

Teri Spence said

at 9:38 am on Dec 14, 2010

Randi, Can you please move Shayna Tresler from Rebecca's team to mine and add Zamiah Mangum. Thanks and have a great day!

Randi McMillen said

at 12:44 pm on Dec 29, 2010

13's Knights...go check your emails! I sent out information for our Jan.8th tournament! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Randi McMillen said

at 5:20 pm on Jan 12, 2011

13's Knights! We have been moved up to silver! Same location on the 22nd...Barber Park, Greensboro! Food menu will be coming out soon! Great job parents this past weekend!! Thank you!

Randy Oxendine said

at 2:23 pm on Jan 20, 2011

Randy Oxendine said

at 2:27 pm on Jan 20, 2011

To the 16's: You did OK. WE can do BETTER! Serve, pass, set, and KILL IT! They moved us down, but we will stay down. Think Positive! :~) I will give the stats at practice Sunday! Yeah, Ambra. Jordan you did a great job being the captain last Saturday.

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